Aquaculture Session at ONE

Welcome to ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference. Three days to connect with your peers, hear from industry experts and discover what it takes to harness current disruptions in aqua production. And perhaps discover what it takes to create a disruption of your own.


Simpler Salmon
Solving the Sea Lice Problem
Simpler Salmon Sea lice present a problem that is costing companies billions of dollars and requires extreme treatments, such as transferring salmon from icy waters to hot baths Read More
Back to the Basics
Give Consumers What They Want
Back to the Basics Consumers want a sustainable, healthy farmed fish without fish oil or fish meal, but they still want the health benefits that come from a normal fish diet Read More
Seaweed's Enormous Potential Seaweed's Enormous Potential Discover the potential of one of nature's original foods, from iodine to fiber and beyond. Read More
Total Sustainability, Total Traceability
No Fish in the Sea, Fish in the RAS
Total Sustainability, Total Traceability Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) not only reduce water use, but maintain water quality and reduce ammonia toxicity. Read More
Small but Mighty: Secrets to Salmon's Success in the Faroe Islands Small but Mighty: Secrets to Salmon's Success in the Faroe Islands The Faroe Islands are made up of 18 islands with 48,000 residents. Faroe Islanders are successfully taking on the world by delivering what consumers want in their fish Read More