Beef Session at ONE

Welcome to ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference. Three days to connect with your peers, hear from industry experts and discover what it takes to harness current disruptions in beef production. And perhaps discover what it takes to create a disruption of your own.


Argentine Beef
The Land of the Gaucho
Argentine Beef Argentina's meat consumption rates are among the highest in the world, and its grass-fed animals have become world-renowned. Read More
The SuKarne Model
The "Your Food" Reinvention of Subtropical Beef Production
The SuKarne Model In operation for more than 40 years, SuKarne is Mexico's largest beef producer and exports the largest percentage of beef, pork and chicken from Mexico. Read More
Breaking the Mold
Better Meat, Better Profit
Breaking the Mold It's been said that cattle have reached maximum efficiency. They haven't. It's been said that cattle can't increase carcass weight. Read More
Regenerative Grazing
The Next Disruptor
Regenerative Grazing It used to be enough for products to be labeled as grass-fed, but now it is no longer enough. We also have to understand the impact of cows on the environment. Read More
A Head-Out-of-the-Sand Approach A Head-Out-of-the-Sand Approach Learn how one company has embraced the problems, solved the issues and turned its image around. Read More
Providing Nutrition without Pollution or Residues
BioBarrels As the animals consume the barrel, they consume the minerals inside, which are natural enhancers of rumen fermentation. Read More