Crop Session at ONE

Welcome to ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference. Three days to connect with your peers, hear from industry experts and discover what it takes to harness current disruptions in crop production. And perhaps discover what it takes to create a disruption of your own.


The Microalgae Opportunity.
Opportunity for Disruption
The Microalgae Opportunity. The diversity of algal species is constantly delivering new discoveries. What innovative new uses do microalgae hold for the farm? Read More
New Ideas in Sustainability New Ideas in Sustainability Biofungicides, biostimulants, gene activators, induced resistance, living seed treatments: What do these products do? Do they really work? Read More
Florida Fights Back Florida Fights Back Under threat from citrus greening disease, learn how the industry is innovating to survive, from microbial solutions to antibiotics for trees and beyond. Read More
Organic Farming Organic Farming In North America, where corn is around $3 per bushel, non-GMO and organic corn sells for $7–$8 per bushel. Why is it that the disruptors, organic farmers, are doing so well? Read More
Our Biggest Little Allies Our Biggest Little Allies Brewers and bakers have taken advantage of microbial fermentation for millennia. Find out how new discoveries in recent decades could make microbes, our tiny partners Read More