Recording Policy for Registrants

Your Image
By registering for the event, registrants agree that use of their image captured by photography, video or audio may be used by Alltech in media communications or promotional materials related to the event. 

Please note that in addition to Alltech’s media staff, members of the press will be in attendance at the event with the permission of Alltech to shoot photography and/or video of registrants.

Registrants further agree to the following terms regarding Alltech’s Recording Policy.

In Exhibit Spaces
Registrants are encouraged to freely shoot and share photos, video and audio in all exhibit spaces and at social events. Remember to use #OneBigIdea when sharing on social networks.

In Session Rooms
To balance intellectual property rights of presenters, and the needs of the event organizers to operate the event without disruption, there are additional limitations in the session rooms.

Personal photography is permitted inside the session rooms as long as it is not a disruption to speakers or other attendees. Once a session is underway, please stay in your seat and do not obstruct the view of other attendees.

No flash photography is permitted at any time a speaker is presenting

No video or audio recording is permitted, including the use of mobile phones and other devices for this purpose. Presentations remain the intellectual property of the speakers or organizers.

Mobile devices and phones should either be turned off, or ringtones or system sound set to silent or vibrate.

Live streaming of video or audio by anyone other than event producers is prohibited.

Please do not use devices to create mobile Wi-Fi hotspots.

On Tours of Alltech Facilities
On tours of Alltech Global Headquarters, the Alltech Algae facility, and the Ridley Block Operation - personal photo, video and audio recording inside facilities is not permitted. Photos or recordings outside the facility are acceptable.

For Alltech Lexington Brewing and Distilling Company, photo, video and audio recording is permitted both inside and outside the facility.

Sharing on Social Media
We welcome sharing of personal photos and media clips via social media as long as they conform to these guidelines. This media, however, may not be used for any commercial purpose. Professional members of the media should register as press attendees.

Media items recorded in violation of this policy may be destroyed, and the person who has taken them may be asked to leave the event without refund.

Follow Up Resources
Links to exclusive follow-up media resources will be sent to registrants via email following the event.​
More information available at

Please note that speakers and press at the event should refer to their specific recording policy.