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2021 Agri-Food Outlook

We’ve closed the door on a tumultuous year and are now on the horizon of a new dawn. Despite the world coming to a halt in many ways, agriculture continued to thrive. How was feed production impacted, and what key trends are shaping the agri-food industry? Explore themes of trust, health, sustainability and inclusion, with insights supported by data from the 2021 Alltech Global Feed Survey and the Women in Food & Agriculture Survey. From technology and biosecurity to sustainability and inclusion, go beyond the numbers as Dr. Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech, speaks with industry experts about the trends shaping the future of agri-food.

  • China’s Rebound — Jonathan Forrest Wilson and Winnie Wei Jia
  • A Reshaping of the Supply Chain — Eric Glenn and Kathryn Britton
  • Health-Conscious Consumers — Nikki Putnam Badding
  • The Inexorable Rise of E-Commerce — Anand Ramakrishnan Iyer
  • Innovation Through Empathy and Inclusion — Bianca Martins

Featured Speakers

Bianca Martins

General Manager, Alltech Mexico

Jonathan Forrest Wilson

President of Asia, Alltech

Dr. Mark Lyons

President and CEO, Alltech

Anand Iyer

Digital Marketing Manager, Alltech

Nikki Putnam Badding

Director, Acutia and Human Nutrition Initiatives, Alltech

Winnie Jia

Director of Customer Experience, Alltech China

Eric Glenn

Global Purchasing & Supply Chain Director, Alltech

Kathryn Britton

Senior Director of Operations, IMI Global

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