Acceleration of Innovation


Leaders, entrepreneurs and investors in the fields of agriculture and food won’t want to miss learning about some of the best ideas in rapidly developing new technology areas. Ten companies were selected from 183 applicants, representing 38 countries, for The Pearse Lyons Accelerator. They will present their ideas during this half-day event, which will include discussions from industry experts and a panel discussion featuring representatives from across the agtech entrepreneurial spectrum, including angel investors, accelerators and venture capitalists.

This pitchfest will be held in conjunction with ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference, which is Alltech's 33rd annual international conference and one of the world’s premier agribusiness conferences. Network with many of the world’s food and agriculture leaders who will be among more than 3,000 attendees from nearly 80 countries.

The Pearse Lyons Accelerator is dedicated to establishing a launch pad for industry disruptors by providing opportunities to develop fledgling ideas in food and agriculture and get them to market.