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Now more than ever, agri-business is harnessing innovation to help feed a growing planet. In this focus session, learn about the rise of Brazilian agri-societyhow the consolidation of the global supply chain is affecting every aspect of the industrythe challenges and opportunities for women in the agriculture sector and how to harness the spirit of entrepreneurship. 



Enjoy highlights from the 2020 Alltech ONE Virtual Experience Agribusiness sessions!

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Entrepreneurs at Heart: The Alltech Way

Available On-Demand

Pull back the curtain to take a peek at how the spirit of entrepreneurship remains strong at Alltech. How does a company cultivate a "fail fast," innovative mentality within its 5,000 employees? What are the practical steps for turning ideas into reality? Glean insights on how to transform your organization and drive exponential growth. 

Food 5.0: Farming to Feed a Growing Planet

Available On-Demand

To support a population that will grow to nearly 10 billion people by 2050, agriculture must become infinitely sustainable. Join us as agricultural entrepreneur and thought-leader Robert Saik lifts the veil on modern farming practices to cultivate a new era in which farmers are ready to adopt the science and tools necessary to feed our growing planet.

It's a Man's World... or Is It?

Available On-Demand

The pressure is mounting for companies to promote diversity, gender balance and inclusion within their organizations. How can we harness the full potential of all available talent? Can diversity in your organization spark innovation, creativity and an alternative approach to business? Bianca Martins will reflect on her recent involvement with Women in Ag and the challenges and opportunities for women in the agricultural sector.

The Rise and Rise of Brazilian Agribusiness

Available On-Demand

The entrepreneurship of Brazilian cooperatives continues to be a driving force of agricultural growth in that country. However, José Luis Tejon believes that the agriculture industry has transformed into a “health” industry — one concerned with animal health, plant health, human health and the health of our planet. There has been a notable shift from agribusiness to agri-society. Tejon will reflect on how Brazilian entrepreneurs must continue applying new technologies and innovations to capture new opportunities in a rapidly changing global marketplace.

Trump, Putin, Xi Jinping, Greta, ASF and Corona: Rewrite the Rulebook on the Global Agri-Food Trade

Available On-Demand

Environmental concerns, political decisions, trade wars, disease outbreaks and a fast-growing population are having a profound effect on the agri-food sector. Our supply chain is consolidating at an unprecedented rate, affecting every aspect of the industry. Explore the four drivers of this consolidation and how to brace for impact.

All on-demand focus sessions will be captioned for Spanish and Portuguese.

Translated versions of the on-demand keynote and special presentations will be made available in Spanish and Portuguese.

Additional languages will be added at a later date.


Featured Speakers


Regional Quality Manager, Alltech

Owner, Nuevo Growth

General Manager, Alltech Mexico

Anthony C. Cunningham Professor of Marketing, University College Dublin Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

CEO, AGvisorPro Inc

Journalist, Publicist and Professor, Tejon Communication & Action International Ltda.