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Ale-8-One has a storied history that dates back to 1902. The company’s founder and inventor, G.L. Wainscott, was an unconventional man with innovative ideas. After bottling soda and flavored drinks in Winchester, Kentucky, for many years, G.L. Wainscott developed the Ale-8-One formula with its unique ginger and citrus taste. The product was launched July 13, 1926, and Wainscott sponsored one of America’s first product naming contests at the Clark County Fair in Kentucky. A young fairgoer thought the newest innovation in soft drinks should be called exactly what it was, the latest thing. That entry chosen above all others was “A Late One,” 1920s slang for “The Latest Thing.”

To this day, the company continues to be locally owned and family operated by G.L. Wainscott’s great-great-nephew, Fielding Rogers. He still mixes, in small batches, the closely guarded family secret Ale-8 recipe using Wainscott’s handwritten notes.

For over 90 years, Ale-8 has stood proudly apart from other beverages. Not just because of its uncommon ginger and citrus flavor, but also because of the signature green glass that we package it in. Whether spotted on the shelf at a local retailer, or within the hand of a friend across the way, there’s simply no mistaking an Ale-8.