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Alltech E-CO₂

Alltech E-CO2 is a market leading sustainability business that provides on-farm data collection and reporting services. These services are utilised by Alltech, individual farmers, retailers and food processers across the globe. Over the past 10 years we have worked with more than 10,000 farmers across the world to identify opportunities for efficiency improvements through on-farm assessments. Our approach involves visiting farms to review and discuss their data to provide a ‘holistic’ review of farm performance. Our dedicated team are trained to collect information such as animal production data, resource use including feed and fertiliser, and animal health metrics. This information is then combined to produce a farm report that benchmarks their performance against similar farms and details a roadmap for that producer to make improvements in areas such as dietary formulations, animal health protocols and forage production. This is achieved through the collection of relevant information that is then analysed and presented in a visual, actionable platform for the farmer. To find out more visit our website.