A sea of opportunity awaits the global aquaculture market. Hear from experts as they discuss the future of aquaculture feed efficiency and performance, sustainable alternative proteins, the vital role of seafood in maintaining a healthy diet and the latest research in aquaculture. 



Kees Aarts

CEO, Protix

Dr. Dominique P. Bureau

Professor, University of Guelph

Dr. Vikas Kumar

Assistant Professor, Fish Nutrition and Nutrigenomics, Aquaculture Research Institute, Department of Animal and Veterinary Science, University of Idaho

Dr. Richard Murphy

Research Director, Alltech

Alex Tsappis

U.S. Aquaculture Business Manager, Alltech

Jonathan Forrest Wilson

President of Asia, Alltech

Dr. Mark Lyons

President and CEO, Alltech

Dr. Albert G. J. Tacon

Founder and Owner, Aquahana LLC

Gijs Rutjes

Technical Sales Support Manager, Alltech Coppens

Bram Meersman

Aquatic Veterinarian, Alltech Coppens

Gorjan Nikolik

Senior Analyst, Rabobank

John Sweetman

International Projects Manager, Aqua, Alltech

Dr. Ioannis Nengas

Research Director, Hellenic Center for Marine Research

Ronnie Tan

Regional Aqua Consultant, U.S. Grains Council

John Diener

Co-Founder and CEO, Akualogix

Thomas Gitterle

Breeding and Genetics Director, SyAqua Group and Regal Springs Tilapia



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