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Beef Session

Beef is one of agriculture’s fastest-growing industries  is the world ready for a ruminant revolution? Experts discuss the environmental hoofprint of beef, new nutritional philosophies, the vital role of animal production systems, new opportunities in the industry and what’s next for the beef market. 

Analyzing the Impact: Examining the Environmental Hoofprint of Beef

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As the industry continues to fight back against negative environmental effects, Alltech is creating a more sustainable food future through research and advanced technologies. Join us as research group director Dr. Vaughn Holder explores the carbon footprint of beef production and the impact that Alltech’s Total Replacement Technology™ (TRT) can have on reproduction and performance.

Results: The Blueprint® Nutritional Philosophy

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Blueprint® is not a specific product, nor even a product line; it’s more of a nutritional philosophy applied to many of Alltech's products and product lines. Through research and on-farm use, Alltech and our partners are continuing to develop solutions to address the health challenges that plague the beef industry. In this session, Dr. Tyler Melroe will explore the health and fertility successes we have seen over the past two years with the Blueprint® nutrition program.

Ruminant Reality: Diet, Human Health and the Environment

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Is the world ready for a ruminant revolution? Are animal and vegetarian proteins really created equal? Discover what led Dr. Peter Ballerstedt, forage agronomist at Barenbrug USA, to re-examine the vital role ruminant animal production systems play in both nature and the human diet.

Shifting Our Mindset and Shaping New Opportunities in the Beef Business

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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted both the health and economies of countries around the world. As producers and consumers alike grapple with the ramifications of this global crisis, at home on the farm and ranch, food producers are finding hope for the future. Amanda Radke, South Dakota cattle rancher and BEEF Daily blogger, challenges us to shift our outlook in the face of great uncertainty and to look for new business opportunities where it appears none exist.

Sunny With a High Chance of Cattle: The Ag Market Outlook

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Experts are predicting that 2020 will be a record-setting year for commercial beef production. How can cattle farmers gain momentum in a changing consumer environment, and which trends are steering the market? From global supply and demand to how producers can position themselves for increased profitability, we’ll explore what’s next for one of agriculture’s fastest-growing industries.

All on-demand focus sessions will be captioned for Spanish and Portuguese.

Translated versions of the on-demand keynote and special presentations will be made available in Spanish and Portuguese.

Additional languages will be added at a later date.


Featured Speakers

Forage Ambassador, Barenbrug USA

Vice President, Industry Relations and Analysis, CattleFax

Research Group Director, Ruminants, Alltech

Senior Nutritionist, Hubbard Feeds

BEEF Daily Blogger, BEEF Magazine



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