Two days. Countless life-changing insights. ONE18 will explore the transformative power of ideas and their ability to change your brewing & distilling business, your life and even our world.

Knowledge is Power: The Craft Revolution Knowledge is Power: The Craft Revolution

Highly educated consumers are now influencing trends, and in a world where information is king, they are seeking more every day. Why does this information matter to them, and what information should breweries and distilleries share about processes and products?

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Ginposium: Past, Present and Future Ginposium: Past, Present and Future

Gin is having a moment in the sun as sales of the spirit soar. Learn a brief history of gin and what the future holds for the industry. Hear from a farmer who specializes in raising gin botanicals and how they make every gin distinctive. Sample various gin styles and craft cocktails from our spirits specialist team.

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Shaking up Spirits Shaking up Spirits

What does it take to create a new path in spirit marketing? The creation of Lush Life Productions signified a considerable change in how liquor companies engage with bartenders and consumers. Is education-based marketing the future of liquor sales? Hear from one the industry's movers and shakers and learn how she's changing the face of spirit marketing.

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The Recreational Influences on Craft Beer The Recreational Influences on Craft Beer

The craft beer market is changing, and recreational influences are going to come into play for every brewery out there. How is alcohol regulated when it is combined with caffeine? When will listing nutritional information on labels become a requirement? Will the health-conscious consumer seek lighter options? Explore the possibilities.

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