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Crop Science Session

New technologies are unlocking a world of opportunity for crops. In this focus session, learn how biostimulants can help plants reach their full potential, ways to naturally optimize grape production, the latest on agronomic regulations and tips on growing relationships and business while physically distancing.  

Crop Science Topics

Advancing Your Crop Through Genomics, the Microbiome and the Power of “More”

Available On-Demand

Which new technologies will unlock a world of opportunity for you and your farm? Discover how nutrigenomics, microbials and using yeast as an activator hold the key to a more nutritious, resilient crop that has a lower environmental impact than ever before.

Biostimulants — As Nature Intended

Available On-Demand

In this session, we will consider how biostimulants fit into and mesh with currently accepted agricultural practices. We will also discuss the various ways producers can understand what plants do and explore new opportunities to help plants reach their full potential.

Great Grapes: Strategies for Improving Production

Available On-Demand

You won't hear this through the grapevine! Explore the ins and outs of naturally optimizing your grape production today and, in the process, laying a strong foundation for the future.

Playing By the Rules: How Global Regulations Are Shaping Agronomic Trends

Available On-Demand

This session will feature a discussion on agronomic regulations — including those that are already in place and those that are coming down the pipeline — and how they are impacting the way growers and consumers think about crops.

Staying Relevant When You Can’t Be Present

Available On-Demand

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, the way we do business with each other has changed dramatically — but even as we maintain physical distance from one another, we still have the opportunity to grow our relationships and help our businesses thrive. Learn more in this session about how Alltech Crop Science is continuing to operate in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

All on-demand focus sessions will be captioned for Spanish and Portuguese.

Translated versions of the on-demand keynote and special presentations will be made available in Spanish and Portuguese.

Additional languages will be added at a later date.


Featured Speakers

European Technical Manager, Alltech Crop Science

General Manager, Alltech Crop Science

Global Compliance Manager, Alltech Crop Science

Product Manager, Nutritional and Biostimulants, Simplot

North America Technical Manager, Alltech Crop Science


Crop Science

Enjoy highlights from the 2020 Alltech ONE Virtual Experience Crop Science sessions!

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