Two days. Countless life-changing insights. ONE18 will explore the transformative power of ideas and their ability to change your dairy business, your life and even our world.

Bytes: Tech That Feeds Us Bytes: Tech That Feeds Us Digital technologies and evolving consumer attitudes mean that agriculture and food sectors are merging. Stakeholders in our food supply chain are becoming inextricably linked, blurring the lines between science, farming, food and retail. The winners in the future will be those capable of adapting their business models to encompass the entire food chain. We'll explore case studies where AgTech enabled positive collaboration between players in our food supply chain. Read More
Robotics and Sensors on the Farm Robotics and Sensors on the Farm A hundred years of innovation in dairying has led to parlor milking, automated feeding and pedometry for heat detection. The last 20 years have seen an explosion of new developments, such as robotic milking and feeding systems as well as sensor-based health and activity monitoring tools that are revolutionizing how dairying is done around the world. Are we ready to embrace the inevitable change as today's farm goes robotic? Read More
Digital Detox: Data to Ensure a Safe, Healthy and Sustainable Food Chain Digital Detox: Data to Ensure a Safe, Healthy and Sustainable Food Chain

Our farms are being invaded by connected instruments and devices that make up “the internet of things." The flow of data from field to fork provides transparency like never before. The future promises feeds and foods that are more nutritious and free of mycotoxins while still promising improved farm performance and profitability. What technologies will ensure our daily meal?

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A Voice for Agriculture A Voice for Agriculture

Dairy farming has changed considerably in the last 20 years, but consumer perception of the industry has not adjusted accordingly. What does it mean to be an 'agvocate' and how can we effectively educate the public about our passion to provide a safe product with healthy, happy cows? How should we use platforms like social media to spread the word?

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Why Does Organic Matter? Why Does Organic Matter?

Feeding trace minerals in organic form has been proven to increase the uptake and achieve a greater response than inorganic trace minerals. What is it about organic minerals that makes them more beneficial? What can we learn from the improved response in animal performance? As we continue to seek better performance in animals, can we explore new ideas for delivering nutrition more efficiently?

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Dairy Business: The Highs and Lows Dairy Business: The Highs and Lows What will be the impact of digital technologies on the dairy supply chain? What are the drivers behind milk prices, and what can we expect in the future? Join us for an open discussion on the business of dairy with CEO and industry representative Colm Eustace and dairy economics analyst Dr. Torsten Hemme. Read More