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Health & Wellness Session

Our health and well-being are universally important, particularly in light of COVID-19. Join us for an exploration of topics that include boosting immunity, supporting the mental health of your teams in a WFH environment and the pioneering field of science that could change the way we eat and produce food.

Health & Wellness

Enjoy highlights from the 2020 Alltech ONE Virtual Experience Health & Wellness sessions!

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Health & Wellness Topics

In Good Taste: The Science of Flavor Perception

As you sip red wine and enjoy a savory filet, a complex equation is taking place in your brain, compiling information from all five senses to define your dining experience. This convergence of science and the culinary arts is the focus of neurogastronomy, which looks at how the human brain and behavior influence the way we experience food.

Preexisting Conditions: Health and Immunity in a Post-COVID World

Cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes and obesity were epidemics in many parts of the world long before a novel coronavirus set its sights on the most vulnerable among us. As we view health and immunity through a new lens — and perhaps with renewed appreciation — how can we improve our ability to fend off illness and build a brighter future? Join us for an exploration of the manageable choices we can make today to reduce health risks and improve our quality of life tomorrow.

Taking Health Personally: The Future of Genomics-Based Medicine

Can human performance — both physical and mental — be optimized by tailoring medical care to each patient’s unique genetic makeup? How can DNA and other biometrics improve health, wellness and longevity? Discover how concierge medicine is creating a clear vision for the future of healthcare through the use of genomics.

Unlocking the Future: Advances in Alltech Life Sciences Research

Applying more than 40 years of research experience and scientific expertise to human health, the team at Alltech Life Sciences is making exciting strides in cellular health and wellness. They’re on a mission to help people live their best lives, particularly by focusing on two areas of human health that are often described as pandemics in their own right: Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.

Working From Hope: Maintaining Mental Health, Emotional Strength and a Positive Outlook

The upheaval of our daily lives was sudden and sweeping. Our homes became makeshift offices and schools, with emotions and stress colliding under one roof. How can we better support our mental health and that of others?

Featured Speakers

Mental Health Coach and Consultant, MHC With Sarah

Physician, CEO and Founder, Wild Health

Registered Dietitian/Business Owner, Amy Goodson Nutrition Consulting

Chief, Clinical Neuropsychology Service, University of Kentucky College of Medicine

Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Alltech