Communication Exhibits Inc

Communication Exhibits, Inc. (CEI) offers premium face-to-face marketing services to B2B professionals across multiple industries. We are ready to help keep you and your sales team performing so that when live experiences do resume, you will be on track and ready to hit the ground running. As a full-service brand experience STUDIO + SHOP, we are uniquely qualified to provide you with alternative smart solutions to canceled or postponed trade shows, events, and conferences. Sharpening your digital strategy for sales and marketing will keep you connected and engaged with customers and prospects for the long-term.

DIGITAL SALES TOOLS: We push creative boundaries and offer a vast array of digital capabilities from virtual sales tools to augmented reality to custom apps that communicate your unique value. Our solutions drive sales faster by effectively demonstrating your differentiated competitive value through the use of screen sharing software and our custom-built applications. Deliver an impactful virtual experience by enabling your sales staff to show how your products and solutions solve a customer’s business challenge: Rotate products around, open and close compartments, view animations, discuss features and benefits, and answer questions as if you were standing in front of the customer with the real product.
TRADE SHOW EXHIBITS: We design unique experiences that help companies ensure success with their trade show program’s goals and objectives through 2020. We believe in a hybrid event approach to trade shows through the creation of a physical booth and an online 3D microsite for each event, providing confidence and flexibility to a broader audience. Our microsite provides unique 3D product demonstrations and face-to-face conversations via teleconferencing. We stand out from our competitors by building solutions through strategic insight, using leading-edge technology, combined with 40+ years of experience. Our customers have direct contact with our creative staff. We offer a gritty, do-it-right attitude, delivering real-world results that align with our client’s goals. Schedule a Virtual Event Demo below or watch our webinar to find out how you can leverage video conferencing along with 3D interactive technology to remove the perception of distance and continue delivering a seamless customer experience.