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When it’s just how nature intended it to be, with nothing added or removed.When it reaches your table within hours of milking,
straight from the farm.

When it is the preferred choice of 5-star chefs & gourmet chocolatiers.

When it easily surpasses the standards of what is considered as ‘good milk’.

You know it is Sarda Farms.

Such rich, fresh, exquisite milk, can only be created in limited supply.

And it gives us great pleasure to share it with our valued subscribers.

In the tiny village of Shenith near Nashik, off the Mumbai-Nashik highway, a family lovingly breeds 1500 prized Holstein cows on a 50-acre farm that bears their name: Sarda.

At the farm, you’ll meet our prized Holstein Friesian cows, a breed of cattle valued for the remarkable quality of their milk. Our farm manager and his team of experts ensure our cows stay comfortable and happy, and have no reason to complain (not even a moo). It’s no secret that happy cows give better milk.

And since we want our customers to taste only its natural goodness, we don’t add or remove anything. The result is pure, wholesome, uncontaminated milk that reaches your doorstep fresh and chilled, straight from our family farm. We love drinking it, and we’d love to share it with our values customers.

Sarda Legacy: 

A passion that motivates pioneering and innovative initiatives, values that fortify a sterling reputation with all our stakeholders, and an acute awareness of the social context in which we operate. These represent the vision of our founding fathers, a vision that drives us to dream and dare, for the greater good of society.

What separates Sarda Farms from the herd?

Straight from the family farm.

Every drop of Sarda Farms milk comes from one single source: Our family farm. We ensure that we keep a close eye on everything, right from the feed to milking, processing, transportation and our end-to-end cold-chain distribution. The entire process is governed by us, and we give no allowance for malpractices or milk tampering to take place, at any stage.

Happy cows give the best milk

Thanks to RFID-tagged collars, we know our cows by name, and pamper them to the core. They have absolute control of their lives, and decide when they want to eat, sleep, and even get milked. Our girls enjoy regular access to automatic massage parlours, giant fans, a well-rounded diet supervised by a dietician, relaxing pedicures, and a curated collection of classical music.

In a nutshell, we’ll go to any lengths to keep our cows happy. Afterall, happy cows give the best milk.

Milk with a touch of… Well, nothing.

When it comes to our customers, we want nothing but the best for them. Which is why we ensure that common derogatory practices such as adding urea, detergent and bleach, mixing milk of different animals, or injecting cows with antibiotics and growth hormones, are kept far out of our farm. Because we want our milk to be exactly as nature intended- 100% natural, delicious and pure.

Meet global standards? We beat them.

While others scamper to meet Indian or European standards, we live in the satisfaction of knowing ours are much higher. And not a single drop of milk leaves our farm, unless it meets that benchmark.

Our milk is measured not just by the fat content but also by:

  • Protein content
  • Least bacterial count
  • Ensuring no antibiotics
  • No hormones
  • No pesticides
  • No mixing of milk from diseased cows

Untouched by hands. Till you do.

At our Automated Milking Parlour, our cows are milked by the most advanced machines, after which the milk is sent to a bulk cooler which brings it down to 4°C – perfect to keep it in its freshest state. From here, it is transported to a processing unit in insulated tankers. Throughout, it is never touched by human hand.

100% natural milk. 100% peace of mind.

Whether it’s refrigerated tanks, cold rooms or chilled delivery bags, we ensure our milk is maintained at 4°C throughout. Our farm-to-home cold chain delivery system arrests multiplication of bacteria and preserves the natural taste of the milk, without any degradation. What’s more, it’s tracked till it reaches your doorstep, ensuring there is nothing added or removed.

Sarda Farms prized possessions 

Sards Farms milk cartons

Pure Cow Milk in 4 variants 
  • Pasteurised milk
  • Pasteurised and homogenised milk
  • Skimmed pasteurised milk
  • From eco-friendly glass bottles to disposable cartons to milk packs, our milk comes in every form, so our customers can pick what suits them best.

Sarda Farms package

Dahi (Yogurt)

Churned with Goodness – Sarda Farms uses the best culture along with artisanal methods of production to create the finest Dahi.

  • Full Fat Dahi
  • Low Fat Dahi
  • Zero Fat Dahi

Sarda Farms clarified butter

Ghee (Clarified Butter)

Shimmers like Gold, Tastes deliciously rich – We use traditional methods and the purest cow milk to give you a deliciously rich and pure ghee.

Sarda Farms unsalted butter

Unsalted Butter

Butter so pure that it melts the heart – Most of the bitter in the Indian market has salt added to butter, to give it a longer shelf life. Ours is unsalted butter made from the purest cow milk using traditional methods-with nothing added or removed. While the lack of moisture makes this lip-smacking butter richer and last longer, naturally.




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