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When More is Not Better: Overcoming America’s Obsession with Economic Efficiency

“When More is Not Better: Overcoming America’s Obsession with Economic Efficiency” by Roger L. Martin

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About the book 

World-renowned “business thinker” Roger Martin starkly outlines a fundamental problem: We have treated the economy as a machine, pursuing ever-greater efficiency as an inherent good — but efficiency may have become too much of a good thing. Join this discussion with Martin, who will share his ideas for how to save democratic capitalism. 

About the author 

Roger L. Martin is a professor emeritus of strategic management at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, where he served as dean (1998–2013) and as director of the Martin Prosperity Institute (2013– 2019). In 2017, Thinkers50 named him the world’s number-one management thinker. He has published 11 books, including “Creating Great Choices” with Jennifer Riel and “Playing to Win” with A.G. Lafley, as well as many Harvard Business Review articles. Martin is a trusted strategy adviser to the CEOs of many global companies and originally hails from Ontario, Canada. 


“Martin shows us how the mental model we’ve been using to think about the economy is wrong, disastrously wrong. The economy is not a machine that experts can fine-tune for maximum efficiency. It is far more productive to think of it as a complex, dynamic system, like a vast garden, within which we can all thrive if we tend it properly.” From the Foreword by Jonathan Haidt, New York University, Stern School of Business  


“Drawing from hard economic data and in-depth interviews with ‘regular Americans,’ Martin makes a persuasive case for rethinking perceived wisdom about the economy. Policymakers and business leaders will want to take note.” —Publishers Weekly