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YOUTHTOPIA is a community centric platform with learning at its core. YOUTHTOPIA will be the global number one “go-to” HQ for young changemakers. YOUTHTOPIA provides space that brings young people together, ignites their passions and grows their skills to become active changemakers. This will be done by creating short & meaningful peer to peer programs guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These programs are made by the frontline young changemakers for the rising young change maker. For youth by youth.

During the 7 years of campaigning with Bye Bye Plastic Bags we spoke to over 100k students in all corners of the world.

And no matter where we were, there were always the same two questions:

How can I do what you do?

How can I be a part of the change the world needs today?

That is when we realized that there was a larger mission for us, and the idea of YOUTHTOPIA was born in 2015.

A few years, a few more conferences and talks like TED, UN, WEF, CNN Heroes, later; once the ban on the single use plastic bags on Bali became a fact in 2019, it was time to focus full time on the creation of YOUTHTOPIA.

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And Hey! Change! We know how to do this! We already did it!

The success story of Bye Bye Plastic Bags was only just the beginning!

Now it is time to share this knowledge and experience with as many young people as possible.

We strongly believe that everybody can be a change maker as long as you receive the right information, tools and access to the larger network of like-minded people. Become problem solvers for the people’s and the planet’s needs.

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