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Accelerating Innovation

The Pearse Lyons Accelerator is one of the longest-running startup programs in agriculture. Launched in 2016, the PLA has revolutionized the way our industry works with startups. Learn how the program has been reimagined, helping to blaze more direct paths to market and facilitating the earlier adoption of new technologies.

Andrew Wynne

Designation General Manager, Alltech E-CO2

Dr. Shelby Roberts

Designation Research Scientist, Alltech

Robert Walker

Designation European Growth Officer at Alltech and CEO of KEENAN

Becky Timmons

Designation Chief Product Officer, Alltech

Matthew Smith

Designation Vice President, Alltech

All on-demand focus sessions will be captioned for Spanish and Portuguese.

Translated versions of the on-demand keynote and special presentations will be made available in Spanish and Portuguese.

Additional languages will be added at a later date.