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Aldyen Donnelly headshot
Aldyen Donnelly
Director, Carbon Economics, Nori LLC

Aldyen Donnelly is the co-founder and director of carbon economics at Nori LLC, which is dedicated to building a dedicated carbon removal marketplace by using distributed ledger — or “blockchain” — technology. Nori’s founders see an opportunity for the private sector to take the lead in developing a robust global market that will generate new revenues for farmers who build up terrestrial organic carbon stocks by shifting from extractive to regenerative food-, fiber- and fuel-production practices.

Donnelly has extensive experience in traditional carbon-offset markets, particularly in the food production sector. As president of the Greenhouse Emissions Management Consortium (GEMCo), a consortium of large Canadian energy companies, Donnelly executed the world's first long-term CO2-offset purchase agreement with farmers in 1999. This transaction, as well as the GEMCo-initiated Prairie Soils Carbon Balance Project, laid the foundation for the Alberta CO2-offset market, which has paid Alberta crop producers for sequestering more than 13.5 million tons of CO2e since 2005.