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Andrew Frederick Oddy headshot
Andrew Frederick Oddy
Herd Director, Danone Al-Safi

Andrew Frederick Oddy is the herds director at Al-Safi Dairy in Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s largest integrated dairy herds.

Oddy was educated in the U.K., where he studied dairy herd management. In 1982, he moved away from the U.K. to fulfill his ambition of working with the largest dairy herds in the world.

Oddy has been with Al-Safi three times: first, from 1982–1988; next, from 1990–1996; and finally, from 2010 to the present.

Under Oddy’s leadership, Al-Safi has maintained its reputation as one of the leading dairy herds in the world for efficiency in milk production, health and fertility. At the present time, they are milking 22,000 head in the main herd, with a further 30,000+ head of young stock and beef.

Oddy has co-authored a number of papers in the Dairy Journal of Science on cow cooling and comfort.