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Charlie Crave
Owner, Crave Brothers Farm, Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese

Charlie Crave is a founding partner in Crave Brothers Farm and Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese. In those 41 years, the business has expanded to include six other family partners. He currently serves as the financial operations director while overseeing environmental stewardship. The daily focus is on continuing to grow the business for future generations by producing quality milk and award-winning cheese.

The diversified agricultural venture includes land ownership, crop production, heifer and dairy cow operations, manure digesters producing renewable energy and a farmstead cheese factory.

Following completion of the Farm & Industry Short Course program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Crave partnered with his dairy science professor David Wieckert and brother George. They rented a 57-cow dairy in southern Wisconsin. Three years later, they relocated to Waterloo, Wisconsin, where the business has grown to milk over 2,000 cows and produce cheese, which is sold nationally.