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Dr. Duarte Diaz headshot
Dr. Duarte Diaz
Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, University of Arizona

Dr. Duarte Diaz joined the School of Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences at the University of Arizona as an associate professor and extension specialist in 2015. Prior to joining the University of Arizona, he worked in the private sector in a variety of roles, including in research and development and technical services. He also previously served as an assistant professor and extension specialist at Utah State University.

Diaz's research focuses on nutritional toxicology and how mycotoxins affect major agricultural species, as well as the occurrence of mycotoxins and strategies for mitigating them. In his role as a dairy extension specialist, Diaz provides extension programs for dairy producers in Arizona, including educational opportunities that make use of his research expertise. He has contributed to numerous publications and is the editor of "Mycotoxin Blue Book." 

Diaz received his bachelor's degree from Jacksonville University and both his master's and doctoral degrees from North Carolina State University.