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Dr. Frank Sun headshot
Dr. Frank Sun
Executive Secretary-General, China Animal Health and Food Safety Alliance

Dr. Sun Zhongchao is a doctor of preventive veterinary medicine. He is also the first doctor with a specialty in animal welfare in China.

Zhongchao organized the creation of the first domestic farm animal welfare standards and scientific evaluation system in the country. He also helped compile the nation's first animal welfare textbook, "Introduction to Animal Welfare," and promoted the addition of animal welfare-related content to the question bank of China's veterinary exam. He has also played a role in drafting the country's first domestic animal welfare industry standards, the publication of the general principles for the evaluation of animal welfare and more.

Zhongchao has served in several prominent industry roles, including secretary-general of the National Alliance for Animal Health and Food Safety Innovation; secretary-general of the medical committee of the China Equestrian Association; and deputy secretary-general of the healthy breeding and animal welfare branch of the Chinese Society of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine.