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Dr. Huiyi Cai headshot
Dr. Huiyi Cai
Research Fellow, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Dr. Huiyi Cai is a member of the science and technology committee of China's Ministry of Agriculture, as well as the national feed additives and new product approval committee of experts, the national approval committee for new feed additives, and the National Commission on Gene Security.

Since the seventh iteration of China's Five-Year Plans, which are a series of social and economic development initiatives, Cai has been engaged in scientific research studying animal nutrition and feed additives. During the eighth and ninth Five-Year Plans, he presided over more than a dozen key national scientific and technological research projects, as well as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, several international cooperation projects and more.

During the 10th Five-Year Plan, Cai was responsible for the national science and technology research project. He completed research on key technologies for high-quality, environmentally sound feed production, and he also participated in the national public infrastructure project, a study on biological safety standards for feed and some Natural Science Foundation projects.

Cai's years of experience and scientific research have made him a famous expert in the fields of animal nutrition requirement parameters, vitamin nutrition and animal immunity, animal micro-ecology nutrition and the application of technology in feed additives. He has accumulated many important scientific and technological achievements, including patents for inventions and the Scientific and Technological Progress Award, the result of his advanced scientific research.

Cai holds a doctoral degree in animal nutrition.