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Dr. James E. Pettigrew headshot
Dr. James E. Pettigrew
Professor Emeritus of Animal Sciences, University of Minnesota and the University of Illinois

Dr. James E. Pettigrew is a professor emeritus of animal sciences at both the University of Minnesota and the University of Illinois, where he has engaged in research, teaching and outreach.

Pettigrew received a bachelor's degree in animal industries from Southern Illinois University, a master's degree in animal nutrition from Iowa State University and a doctoral degree in animal nutrition from the University of Illinois. After completing his doctoral work, Pettigrew served as the manager of swine research for the Moorman Manufacturing Company in Quincy, Illinois, for five years. In 1980, he accepted a faculty appointment at the University of Minnesota, where he taught and conducted research for 17 years. His research emphases included mathematical modeling and the connections between sow nutrition and reproduction. He also led the development of the first mathematical model of pig metabolism, with a focus on the lactating sow.

Upon leaving the University of Minnesota, Pettigrew founded Pettigrew Consulting International, LLC, which led to work opportunities in several countries, especially in Latin America, and across a wide range of activities. Pettigrew was recruited to the University of Illinois in 2001 under the Faculty Excellence Program. His research there emphasized the connections between the diet and the health of the pig. Since his retirement, he has remained active in consulting.

Pettigrew is a fellow of the American Society of Animal Science and has received both the American Feed Industries Association Nonruminant Nutrition Research Award and the Animal Industry Service Award from that organization. He has also received the Minnesota Honorary Swine Honor Roll Award from the Minnesota Pork Producers Association, the Alumni Achievement Award from the Southern Illinois University College of Agricultural Sciences, and the Medal of Excellence from Alltech. He served two terms on the board of directors of the American Society of Animal Science and was president of the Midwest Section of that organization. He led the public policy programs of both the American Society of Animal Science and the Federation of Animal Science Societies.

Pettigrew was a member of the National Research Council subcommittee that produced the tenth edition of "Nutrient Requirements of Pigs" and served on a World Health Organization panel to evaluate the termination of antimicrobial growth promoters in Denmark. He speaks often to scientific and industry groups around the world.