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Dr. Michelle Hunniford headshot
Dr. Michelle Hunniford
National Animal Care Specialist, Burnbrae Farms

Dr. Michelle Hunniford is the national animal care specialist for Burnbrae Farms Ltd. She is responsible for creating, coordinating and implementing the animal care program at Burnbrae, which includes creating/revising policy, training employees and conducting on-farm animal welfare assessments.

Hunniford received her doctoral degree in poultry behavior and welfare from the University of Guelph in 2017. Her dissertation focused on assessing the nesting behavior of laying hens in furnished cages and determining which physical characteristics of a nest could lead to greater nesting satisfaction. She has published her research in numerous academic journals and has presented her findings at both national and international conferences.

Prior to her career with Burnbrae Farms, Hunniford served in several roles at the University of Guelph, including as a teaching assistant and as a consultant at the writing center.