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Lynda McDonald headshot
Lynda McDonald
Project Manager, Dairy Development, Tetra Laval

Lynda McDonald has nearly 20 years of experience in the dairy industry. Her work, which has taken her to five continents, has allowed her to collaborate with others in industry at all levels, from farmers to Ministries of Agriculture. She has practical experience in developing dairy knowledge and capability and creating value for both customer and commercial operations. She has worked with some of the largest and some of the smallest dairy farms in the world.

McDonald grew up on a sheep and beef farm in New Zealand, and she lived in China and worked throughout Asia for several years. She is now based in Stockholm, Sweden, and her work has taken her throughout Europe, the Middle East and Russia. McDonald currently serves as the project manager in dairy development for Tetra Laval, and in this role, she works with small holder farmers, mostly in East Africa.