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Dr. Richard Murphy headshot
Medal of Excellence Award
Dr. Richard Murphy

Dr. Richard Murphy, who has been the research director at the Alltech European Bioscience Centre in Dunboyne, Ireland, for 17 years, is the recipient of the Alltech Medal of Excellence. Alltech’s highest distinction, it is awarded annually to someone of great character and achievement. Murphy is being recognized for his pioneering work in the areas of organic trace element assimilation, microbial enzyme technology and the mitigation of antimicrobial resistance in livestock production.

This research has provided the basis for a revolution in animal nutrition, including many exciting developments in the industry, such as: the application of organic trace minerals and their potential to positively impact feed quality and decrease feed costs; the optimization of solid state fermentation systems by utilizing microbial enzyme production, opening opportunities for new supplementation approaches; and a better understanding of the microbial factors that influence gut health, which has been integral to the development of novel strategies for mitigating antimicrobial-resistant bacteria.

His ability to analyze complex concepts and translate them into easily understood language has positioned him as an ambassador of some of Alltech’s most advanced technologies and their practical applications, taking him around the world as a much sought-after speaker and expert. Murphy is also heavily invested in the future of research, overseeing the activity of many Ph.D. and master’s degree students over the course of his career. This forward-thinking outlook extends to emerging technologies as well, such as metabolomics, a new science that explores the compounds that microbial populations produce in the gut and their effects on genetics, metabolism and overall health.