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Dr. Neil Chesterson headshot
Dr. Neil Chesterson
Veterinary Consultant, Vet Education Transfer Services Ltd.

Dr. Neil Chesterton is a director and consultant at Vet Education Transfer Services in Taranaki, New Zealand. His main interest is helping dairy farmers understand and solve their lameness and cow-flow problems, which he does by conducting on-farm investigations and leading training seminars.

Four years ago, Chesterton retired from Energy Vets in Taranaki, where he had served as director and as a veterinarian in clinical practice, predominantly focused on farm animals, for 40 years.

Chesterton received a bachelor's degree in veterinary science from Sydney University and an honorary veterinary degree from Massey University in New Zealand. He has published several peer-reviewed papers on understanding lameness in dairy cattle in grass-based systems. He continues to research the prevention of lameness in dairy cattle, understanding cow behavior and the importance of gentle herd management.