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Bear Grylls headshot
Adventurer, Survival Expert and TV Presenter
Chris Zook headshot
Best-selling author of "The Founder's Mentality"; Advisory Partner at Bain & Company
Ramez Naam headshot
Co-Chair, Energy and Environment, Singularity University
Mark Lyons headshot
President and CEO, Alltech
Pearse Lyons Accelerator photo
Ag-Tech Startups
iLuminate photo
Electrified Dance Performance


Robynne Anderson
President, Emerging Ag, Inc.
Director of Human Resources Solutions,
Kevin Baum
CEO, AgriWebb
Technical Manager, Alltech Crop Science
Robert Beckstead
Associate Professor, North Carolina State University
Chief Science Officer, Nutrient
Remi Bellocq
Executive Director of Equine Programs and the North American Racing Academy, Bluegrass Community and Technical College
Manager of the Alltech Coppens Aqua Centre, Alltech Coppens
Dr. Jeffrey Bewley
Dairy Housing and Analytics Specialist, Alltech
European Technical Manager, Alltech Crop Science
Kristen Branscum headshot
Commissioner, Kentucky Department of Tourism
Founder, North River Enterprises