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Science: The Source of Our Strength

For 40 years, innovation fueled by science has been at the heart of Alltech. Dr. Pearse Lyons, founder of Alltech, was a scientist and entrepreneur who valued the foundation of collaborative research in the development of industry-relevant solutions. In 1990, Dr. Lyons started a tradition of recognizing people who have pioneered breakthrough scientific discoveries that have paved the way for generations of agri-food solutions and inspired scientific talent with the Medal of Excellence. Awarded to more than 30 recipients from around the world, join us for a conversation with previous Medal of Excellence recipients about a new era of innovation.

Vice President for Research and Research Advisor, Alltech

Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Alltech

Research Group Director, Alltech

Research Director, Alltech

Professor Emeritus of Animal Sciences, University of Minnesota and the University of Illinois