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Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture has the greatest potential to shape the future of our planet. In this focus session, learn how farmers can help preserve the planet we all share while feeding the world, from sustainability reporting and seaweed aquaculture to reducing the environmental hoofprint of dairy. 

Sustainable Agriculture Topics

Better Late Than Never: How to Begin Sustainability Reporting

Available On-Demand

While some large food and agriculture companies have been paving the way for sustainability programs and reporting for years, many other organizations are just getting started. What can you learn from those who began their environmental journeys in the early days? Join us and discover how to help your business take the leap toward increasing trust and transparency and, most importantly, protecting the world around us. 

Oceans of Opportunity: Seaweed, Sustainability and the Blue Economy

Available On-Demand

As one of the most resource-rich coastal states on the planet, Tanzania faces the unique responsibility of protecting its marine ecosystem while also harnessing its economic potential. Can seaweed aquaculture combat climate change by removing carbon from the water, dampening wave energy and protecting shorelines from erosion? Go beneath the surface as we strive to find a balance between politics, prosperity and preserving our planet.

Project Drawdown: Farming to Reverse Climate Change

Available On-Demand

While agriculture often gets the blame for environmental issues like climate change, soil degradation, deforestation and water pollution, it also has the power to protect, restore and feed our world.  Learn how we can work together to stop global warming while meeting the needs of a growing global population.

Reducing the Environmental Hoofprint of Dairy Farming

Available On-Demand

Learn more about how California's dairy farmers and their families are leading the world in planet-smart farm practices, including methane digesters, renewable transportation fuel, alternative manure management, drip irrigation and solar energy.

What If Farmers Could Get Paid to Fight Climate Change?

Available On-Demand

Carbon offsets are hard to understand and even harder to trust. But what if there were a measurable solution to offsetting emissions while maximizing farm profitability? As the world’s only carbon dioxide removal marketplace, Nori is helping companies pay farmers to restore their soil health and store carbon. Learn how financial incentives can accelerate carbon sequestration in the search for sustainable solutions.

All on-demand focus sessions will be captioned for Spanish and Portuguese.

Translated versions of the on-demand keynote and special presentations will be made available in Spanish and Portuguese.

Additional languages will be added at a later date.


Featured Speakers

Director of the Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program, University of Kentucky

Executive Director, Dairy Cares

Director, Carbon Economics, Nori LLC

Senior Fellow, Project Drawdown

Partner, K·Coe Isom


Sustainable Agriculture

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