The Alltech ONE Conference (ONE)
May 22-24, 2022

Join the ONE global community as we ignite the power of science, sustainability and storytelling to create a better future for the ONE planet we share.

The Alltech ONE Conference features tracks that guide your exploration of today’s most relevant topics in agriculture and beyond.



Aquaculture is the world’s fastest-growing protein — but is the aqua industry ready to meet that demand? Join our experts for insights into the importance of gut health and probiotics in global aquaculture, as well as advancements in aqua nutrition, exciting new sustainable technologies, and what a post-pandemic world means for the future of aqua sales.


What are the top global trends currently transforming the beef industry, and how will they impact the future of our production systems? Get fresh insights from international experts about these topics and others in the Beef track at ONE.

Crop Science

Thanks to human ingenuity and innovation, crop production soared over the last century — but can this trend continue in the face of today’s unprecedented challenges? Join us to explore how exciting new ideas and technologies that were unthinkable only a few years ago are lighting the way to an even more plentiful and sustainable 21st century.


The dairy industry is diverse and complex, requiring innovation at every turn, from the most molecular details up to major consumer trends. Don’t miss the Dairy track at ONE, which features exciting discussions on the current state of the dairy industry and how we will navigate its promising future.


Every horse lover dreams of a happier, healthier future for our horses, and that is continually becoming more possible thanks to advancements in the equine industry. Join us as we explore some of the latest innovations in equine nutrition, veterinary medicine and more.


With the pet industry growing at an exponential rate, it is important to consider both the essentials and the latest innovations related to pet food, pet health and pet ownership. Join us to explore how to balance new solutions and technologies with the demands of a growing industry.


The swine industry has faced its share of challenges over the past few years — but with challenges come opportunities to improve and innovate. In the Pig track at ONE, industry experts explore how the pig sector continues to evolve, from improving herd health and efficiency to developing technologies that push boundaries and will allow us to build a better tomorrow for future producers.


In response to consumer demand and expectations, the poultry industry is always working to adapt and improve. In the Poultry track at ONE, global poultry experts share their insights on key industry topics and challenges, including bird welfare, antibiotic resistance, natural coccidiosis programs and more, equipping you with the tools to make the best decisions for the future of the poultry sector.


The COVID-19 pandemic led many people — and businesses — to reflect on their true purpose. As a result, leaders and businesses across the globe have transformed the way they think, operate, interact and collaborate. The ONE Business track serves as an open forum for people from around the world to share what they have learned and to discuss how business has changed over the past two years.

Health and wellness icon
Health and wellness icon

Health & Wellness

Health and well-being are universally important. Join us in the Health & Wellness track to explore holistic health, an approach that goes beyond the physical body to also address our emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual and environmental health, giving us the tools to be truly healthy and happy.

Agenda information coming soon.


Neurogastronomy explores how flavor sensations are created in the brain, what the brain does with flavor information, and the behavioral and physiological consequences that result from those interactions. Join us as we explore how scientists, doctors, chefs, food technologists and agricultural experts are working together to learn more about how we perceive food in an attempt to not only enhance the dining experience but to improve the quality of life for patients in clinical settings.

Academic icon
Academic icon


From overcoming obstacles to igniting innovation, the people who work in the agri-food industry are essential to creating a brighter, more abundant future for the ONE planet we all share. Whether you are just starting your career journey or you forged a path long ago, join us as we explore what cultivates, motivates and inspires our Earth’s most valuable infinite resource: human ingenuity.

Agenda information coming soon.

brewing and distilling icon
brewing and distilling icon

Brewing & Distilling

The brewing and distilling industries have been transformed over the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had a significant impact on many businesses, including bars and restaurants. As a result, there has been a shift in retail trends, an uptick in online business and a change in consumers’ drinking habits. The Brewing & Distilling session will explore these topics and many others, including sustainability and the future of the beverage industry.

Agenda information coming soon.

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