Alltech® Turkiye Small Ruminant Project

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Eastern Anatolia Small Ruminant Project in Turkiye

Blueprint® PMR Feeds

Project Revival, implemented for rural and small-scale sheep farmers in the southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey, has economic, social and environmental layers and aims to lead an agricultural transformation in the region by ensuring the sustainable development.

This project supports Alltech’s purpose of Working Together for a Planet of Plenty™ and sustainable development goals.

PMR business model and Blueprint® PMR Feeds are the integral part of project. With this integrated project Alltech Turkiye aims to solve the challenges by delivering Alltech technologies in an economical and user-friendly way and to offer real nutrition which are often difficult to access by small-scale sheep farmers. Nutrition is supported by the value-adding technical services.


Alltech® Poultry Resources

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Alltech® Bio-Mos® Meta Analysis Flyer

Alltech® Bioplex® Meta Analysis Flyer

Planet of Plenty™ – Noble Foods

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Sustainability — unarguably one the most used words in the agricultural sector both now and probably for the next decade. Every facet of the agri-food industry is working hard toward sustainability, and it is especially high on the agendas of all players across the egg supply chain.

Noble Foods is the U.K.’s leading vertically integrated company striving to serve the egg industry sustainably, from care and welfare to carbon and waste.

Noble Foods entered the world of eggs over 100 years ago, under the name ‘Deans Foods.’ Way back in 1920, William Dean took the rather rustic and entrepreneurial approach of door-to-door egg sales by a horse and cart.

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How can businesses in the agriculture industry remain profitable and efficient while also actively improving their sustainability and fostering a world of abundance for all? It’s a difficult proposition — but it can be done, as Graham Atkinson, the agriculture director at Noble Foods, illustrated during his presentation at Alltech ONE Budapest, the first stop on the Alltech ONE World Tour.

Noble Foods is the largest egg producer in the U.K. and the third-largest egg producer in all of Europe, with 7.2 million layers across 400 farms, 240 of which are owned by contracted producers. The company has its own logistics fleet, milling business unit, egg-packing centers, and liquid-egg, boiled-egg and hen-processing facilities. 

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Planet of Plenty™ – Emirates Food Industries

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[DUBAI, United Arab Emirates] — As a global leader in animal nutrition and sustainable ag solutions, Alltech is proud to partner with companies that share its commitment to Working Together for a Planet of Plenty™. Alltech announced this week that it is partnering with National Dairy Farm and Masakin Dairy Farm, two prominent companies owned by Emirates Food Industries (EFI), to bring leading-edge carbon footprint benchmarking and methane-reducing technologies to the Middle East.

National and Masakin are known for their flagship milk brand, Hayatna, which has garnered widespread acclaim for its quality and freshness. Now, the two dairy giants are expanding their commitment to sustainability by embarking on a transformative journey to measure and mitigate their carbon footprints. With growing concerns about climate change, companies worldwide are under increasing pressure to adopt eco-conscious practices. As industry leaders, National and Masakin recognize the importance of curbing greenhouse gas emissions and setting new sustainability benchmarks.

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