Innovations in technology and nutrition are empowering farmers to protect not only the health of their pigs but of the populace and our planet. Hear from experts on how producers can improve their productivity, profitability and the biosecurity of their farms in an ever-changing landscape.



Dr. Scott Dee

Director of Applied Research, Pipestone Veterinary Services

Jon Hoek

President, Summit SmartFarms

Dan Bussières

Co-Owner and Swine Nutritionist, Groupe Cérès Inc.

Yu Ping

Chairman, Founder and Designer of Yu’s Design; Executive Director and President of Sichuan Tianzow Breeding Technology Co.

Dr. Barry Kerkaert

President, Pipestone Management

Dr. Jon De Jong

President, Pipestone Nutrition

Russell Gilliam

U.S. Swine Business Leader, Alltech



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