With transparency top-of-mind for consumers, the poultry industry must find solutions that meet the needs of people, the planet and our business. Join us as we explore opportunities to innovate, improve consumer awareness and build a more sustainable future. 


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A New Way to Sell Chicken

Getting poultry into consumers’ kitchens looks different than it did a generation ago — or even a year ago. Learn about the shopping trends of the past, present and future,

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World of Poultry

The World of Poultry

Get a global view of the poultry industry in this wide-ranging exploration of how poultry farming differs around the world, with discussions about poultry myths, sustainability, animal welfare, ag-tech and

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Erik Hoeven

General Manager, HFHC/NestBorn

Dr. Allan Ball

Clinical Director, Slate Hall Veterinary Services

Eduardo Leffer

Poultry Production Manager, Coopavel

Helen Anne Hudson

Senior Advisor for Corporate Social Responsibility, Burnbrae Farms Ltd

Judith Irons

Product Director, Nando's United Kingdom and Ireland

Graham Atkinson

Agriculture Director, Producers, Noble Foods Ltd



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