We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in Alltech ONE Dubai, during which we explored opportunities and solutions related to sustainable agriculture in the Middle East, Africa and beyond.

From the plenary sessions to the species breakouts and gala dinner, take a look at some of the insights and moments we shared on the final stop of the Alltech ONE World Tour in 2023.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to your continued partnership as we explore more opportunities to collaborate, learn and grow.

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Blogs & Podcasts

The Alltech ONE World Tour (ONE), a series of international events bringing the ideas and inspiration of the annual Alltech ONE Conference to the world, resumed today in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. ONE Dubai welcomed international attendees to explore collaborative solutions to the greatest challenges facing the agri-food industry in the Middle East, Africa and beyond. READ MORE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is widely known for its petroleum reserves and the wealth they inject into the country’s economy — but even in an oil-dominated economy in a desert climate, agriculture plays a major role. “Our region isn’t an agricultural powerhouse, but we have to build food systems to be able to be more resilient to ‘black-swan events,’” said Sheikh Dr. Majid Al Qassimi in a presentation at Alltech ONE Dubai — the most recent stop of the Alltech ONE World Tour — in late November. READ MORE

“Agriculture is a key opportunity and solution to the climate change issues we’re seeing today,” said Kevin Ogorzalek to the audience at Alltech ONE Dubai, the final stop of the Alltech ONE World Tour in 2023.

Ogorzalek is a partner and the sustainability supply chain leader at Concord Agriculture Partners, which works to build bridges between farmers and brands with the mission of achieving shared sustainability goals. Over the course of his career, he has gained extensive experience in the areas of sustainable production, land use, and carbon across global agri-commodities and in multiple sectors. READ MORE

#238: Exploring advancements in cow comfort and sustainable dairy practices in Saudi Arabia | Andrew Oddy

How are climate challenges shaping the future of Saudi Arabia’s dairy industry? Join Andrew Oddy, herds director at Al Safi Danone, as he shares insights on the Ag Future podcast from #AlltechONE Dubai. With over four decades of expertise, Andrew delves into the region’s progress and how feed efficiency, renewable energy and artificial intelligence are playing a major role in the future of dairy sustainability and profitability.


Sunday, 26 November

Arrival and registration for international attendees

2:00 p.m. – Registration opens

    • Hotel check-in available

Monday, 27 November

8:00 a.m. – Registration opens

Opening Plenary

9:00 a.m. – Welcome and introduction

9:35 a.m. – Opening Keynote

10:00 a.m.Towards a sustainable future

11:00 a.m.How the UAE is making food and agriculture systems more equitable, accessible and sustainable

11:45 a.m. – Closing comments

12:00 p.m.Lunch

Species Breakouts: Ruminant

2:00 p.m.Mitigating mycotoxin risks in dairy production: Harnessing smart technology and data for informed decision-making

    • Nick Adams, Global Sales Director, Mycotoxin Management Team, Alltech U.K.

2:45 p.m.Prioritising calf nutrition: The key to future health and productivity

3:15 p.m.Break

3:45 p.m.Dairy farming waste management and sustainability

    • Andrew Oddy, Herds Director, Al Safi Danone, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

4:20 p.m.Business case study: Emirates Food Industries

    • Gerald Kiernan, General Manager, Dairy Farms, Emirates Food Industries

Species Breakouts: Poultry

2:00 p.m.Effective strategies for enhancing inner and outer egg quality

2:45 p.m.Business case study: Noble Foods

3:15 p.m.Break

3:45 p.m.Efficient and sustainable poultry production: The impact of organic trace minerals

4:20 p.m.Climate Change: New strategies to optimise the cost of poultry feeds

4:50 p.m.Networking

Tuesday, 28 November

8:00 a.m. – Registration opens

Closing Plenary

8:45 a.m. – Transforming agriculture: carbon policies and farm assets

    • Kevin Ogorzalek, Sustainability Supply Chain Leader, Concord Agriculture Partners

9:05 a.m. – Balancing performance, profit and planet in an age of carbon policies

9:25 a.m.Break

10:00 a.m.Panel Discussion

11:00 a.m.Break

11:45 a.m. – ONE Dubai highlights

12:00 p.m.Closing keynote

12:30 p.m.Lunch

2:30 p.m.Depart for ONE tours

    • National Dairy Farm Visit, Al Ain
    • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi
    • Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa skyscraper, Dubai

*Locations and times are subject to change



Nick Adams

Global Sales Director, Mycotoxin Management Team, Alltech U.K.

Nick Adams is the global director of the Mycotoxin Management team at Alltech.

A native of England, Adams began his career in the feed industry as a ruminant feed specialist with Hanford Feeds Ltd in southwest England. Three years later, he joined Alltech, and he has served in a variety of roles over the course of his 23-year tenure with the company, both in the U.K. and the United States. For the past 14 years, he has been focused on studying the effects of molds and mycotoxins and bringing solutions to these problems to agriculture producers around the world.

Adams was named the Allied Industry Person of the Year in 2010 by the California Poultry Federation. He also served on the steering committee of the California Animal Nutrition Conference while he was stationed in Alltech’s California office.

Adams holds a bachelor’s degree in animal science from the University of Reading. He is also a graduate of the Alltech Advanced Management program, which is run in conjunction with the Michael Smurfit School of Business at University College Dublin. He is currently pursuing a global certificate in management at INSEAD.


Sheikh Dr. Majid Al Qassimi

Founding Partner, Soma Mater

Sheikh Dr. Majid Al Qassimi is the founding partner of Soma Mater, which promotes radical transparency across the food system in the United Arab Emirates and works to facilitate conversations, empower local producers, support sustainable importers and keep critical policy-makers informed.

Sheikh Al Qassimi represented all of the countries in the Middle East Commission as a council member of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). He has also previously served in the UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, where he advised the two ministers on food security, diversity and sustainable food production. In that role, he championed animal welfare in the UAE and worked to protect public health through the control of animal imports. Sheikh Al Qassimi also developed strategies around engaging with international organisations and positioning the UAE in the global live animal and food trade. Additionally, he directed the federal office of all animal health and development across the UAE, where he introduced policies to improve animal husbandry and the international trade of livestock, as well as sport and pet animals. His last major impact as a government official was to deliver the Food Diversification strategy under the Ministry of climate change and environment, the primer to the UAEs current food security strategy.

Thanks to his extensive experience and expertise in the field of agri-business, Sheikh Al Qassimi offers consultancy services not only Food Systems to those within the industry, but also sustainability to various governments and private organizations. He was previously a board member for the Emirates International Accreditation Center and the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) and is currently an active board member for the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park).

In addition to his many other accomplishments, Sheikh Al Qassimi has also founded multiple startups in the sectors of podcasting, coffee culture and the craft and maker space.


Dr. Anna Catharina Berge

Ruminant Health and Nutrition Consultant, Berge Veterinary Consulting BV

Dr. Anna Catharina Berge is the owner of Berge Veterinary Consulting BV. Through her practice, she offers veterinary services and consultations related to ruminant health and nutrition and veterinary epidemiology.

A native of Sweden, Dr. Berge works to improve the health and welfare of animals while also protecting the health of the human populace. Over the course of her career, she has conducted scientific research, served in various roles at large-animal practices and on-farm, and made contributions in the fields of veterinary animal and public health legislation. An epidemiologist with a focus on preventive veterinary medicine, Dr. Berge is keenly interested in nutritional and management approaches to improving health and productivity and is particularly passionate about dairy calves.

Dr. Berge serves as part of the veterinary epidemiology faculty of the department of internal medicine, reproduction and population medicine at Ghent University in Belgium. She has also authored more than 40 peer-review publications, as well as a book, “The Healthy Dairy Calf”. Her areas of expertise include epidemiology, bacteriology, clinical trials, animal health and welfare, pre-weaned calf and heifer rearing, biosecurity, Salmonella control, antimicrobial resistance, methods for minimizing the use of antimicrobials, and non-antimicrobial methods for addressing disease challenges on-farm.

Dr. Berge holds a master’s degree in science, a master’s degree in preventative veterinary medicine, a doctoral degree in comparative pathology and a doctorate in veterinary medicine.

Steve Elliott Headshot ONE 2023

Steve Elliott

Global Director, Mineral Management Team, Alltech

Steve Elliott is the global director of the mineral management and enzyme divisions at Alltech. He has been involved in the feed industry for more than 30 years and has spent 25 of those years at Alltech.

Elliott sits on the executive board of the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) and also serves on its equine committee. He is an active member of the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists (ARPAS). Elliott has authored or co-authored numerous articles for professional journals and trade publications about trace mineral status and how it can affect the well-being of animals and local populations. His current research focuses on the various ways that organic trace minerals — and selenium in particular — can improve the health and performance of modern livestock.

Elliott holds an undergraduate degree in animal science and a graduate degree in nutrition from the University of Florida.

Dr Nasser Khidr Headshot ONE 2023 1

Professor Nasser Khedr, Ph.D.

Professor of Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition

Professor Nasser Khedr, Ph.D., is a poultry nutrition and clinical nutrition consultant in Egypt. He also offers training and developmental services in the fields of poultry nutrition, amino acids, premixes, feed conversion, gut health, feed manufacturing, and egg fertility and hatchability, among others.

Over the course of his career, Prof. Khedr has worked with grandparent and breeder birds, as well as broilers and layers. His many areas of expertise include feather scoring, feed granulometry, feed manufacturing, the production of organic eggs, fertility and hatchability, and measuring the quality of eggshells, mash and pellets, carcasses and feed. Additionally, in the field of feed additives, Prof. Khedr has worked with enzymes, emulsifiers, chelated minerals, pre- and probiotics, and solutions for fighting issues like mycotoxins, Salmonella, coccidia and clostridia.

Prof. Khedr previously served as the head of the department of nutrition and clinical nutrition in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Benha University. His career in the poultry industry has included various roles at poultry feed mills and layer farms for organic eggs, as well as companies like Tiba Poultry Grandparents (the distributor for Indian River), the Arab Company for Livestock Development (ACOLID), Cairo 3A Poultry, Dakahlia Poultry, the integrated poultry producer Al Akhawain and others.

Prof. Khedr holds both master’s and doctoral degrees in nutrition and clinical nutrition.


Gerald Kiernan

General Manager, Dairy Farms, Emirates Food Industries

Gerald Kiernan is the general manager of dairy farms for Emirates Food Industries (EFI), one of the leading agricultural and dairy holding companies in the United Arab Emirates.

Kiernan has more than 35 years of experience in the global dairy sector and has developed strong professional relationships within the industry at both the national and international levels. Since joining EFI in 2003, he has built a successful team and system that rapidly adapt to implement the latest relevant global technologies and science. As a result of this work, EFI dairy farms are some of the most successful operations in the UAE and are projected to achieve record-high production and quality levels thanks to their exceptional standards of management and animal welfare.

Kiernan was educated in Ireland and also holds a master’s degree in business administration with a focus on leadership and sustainability from the University of Cumbria in England.


Dr. Marc Larousse

Vice President of the Middle East, Alltech

Dr. Marc Larousse is Alltech’s vice president for the Middle East and North Africa.

He graduated from the National Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort, Paris, France and later received his master’s degree in business administration at the Groupe HEC in 1993. Larousse began his career with Alltech in 1993 as general manager of Alltech France. From 1997-2000, he was the general manager of Alltech Brazil and was instrumental in launching Brazil’s Alltech Crop Science division. In 2000, he became director of Alltech Latin America, which involved implementing the corporate sales and marketing strategy for Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Boliva.

From 2002-2008, Larousse served as vice president of Latin America before moving to Europe, where he was vice president from 2008-2014. He was driven key merger and acquisition activities of the company since 2011, including the acquisition of EMF Nutrition in Canada, Efor in Turkey, Guabi in Brazil and Alltech Crop Science / Solbiosur in Spain. Additionally, since 2017, Larousse took on a pivotal role in guiding and supporting Alltech’s operations in the Middle East, Brazil and Alltech Crop Science in Europe, before becoming vice president for the Middle East in 2020.


Dr. Mark Lyons

President and CEO, Alltech

Dr. Mark Lyons grew up in the Alltech business, having traveled with his father and Alltech’s founder, Dr. Pearse Lyons, from a young age to visit customers. With experience working in all regions and nearly all departments — before even officially joining Alltech — he has a deep and uniquely personal knowledge of the company. Based on Alltech’s belief that agriculture has the greatest potential to positively shape our world’s future, he launched the Planet of Plenty™ vision in 2019. He has called for collaboration to provide nutrition for all, revitalize local economies and replenish the planet’s natural resources.

Dr. Lyons began his career at Alltech focused on the development of the company’s core nutritional technologies. He spearheaded many critical projects, including simultaneously managing the establishment of a plant in Serbia and the creation of Alltech’s flagship yeast production facility in São Pedro, Brazil. He also spent nearly four years in Mexico rebuilding the company’s solid state fermentation plant in Serdán, which is one of the largest of its kind in the world.

Under his leadership as director of North America from 2009 to 2011, Alltech expanded its presence with the opening of new offices and a growing involvement in all agricultural sectors. In 2012, Dr. Lyons relocated to China, the world’s largest feed market, as part of Alltech’s focus on the Asia-Pacific region. Living in Beijing and traveling throughout the country, he led the Alltech China office and focused on building bridges between China and the wider industry through research, education and strategic initiatives.

Today, Dr. Lyons is based at Alltech’s headquarters in Kentucky, USA. He serves on the CLEAR Center Advisory Council and is active in many industry groups. Dr. Lyons has published papers and patents in areas ranging from enzyme production to global economics and is interested in the assurance of food safety and quality throughout the entire food chain.

Dr. Lyons received his bachelor’s degree in political science and environmental science in 1999 from the University of Chicago. He received his master’s degree in brewing and distilling in 2001, followed by a Ph.D. in the area of solid state fermentation, at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh in 2008. Dr. Lyons is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, French and German, and he has a working knowledge of Mandarin.


Tara McCarthy

Global Vice President for ESG, Alltech

Tara McCarthy is the global vice president of ESG at Alltech. In this role, she works to advance the company’s purpose of Working Together for a Planet of Plenty™, focusing on the economic, environmental and social aspects of the well-being of the planet.

McCarthy has more than 25 years of experience in the food industry at large and is passionate about the opportunities presented by sustainably produced food. Throughout her career, McCarthy has led capability initiatives for students, early-career executives and entrepreneurs within the food industry and, as a result, has formed successful partnerships both at home and abroad.

McCarthy has lived and worked in numerous markets, including Germany, France and Belgium. Before joining Alltech in 2022, she served as the chief executive of Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board, and as the chief executive for Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM), Ireland’s seafood development agency. In 2019, she co-founded Agdif, an initiative championing diversity in the Irish food industry. She has brought Ireland’s food industry to the world by speaking widely about Origin Green, Ireland’s unique national sustainability program. In 2021, she led the establishment of the Origin Green Global Council.

McCarthy has been recognized with a number of awards, including a Fellowship of the Marketing Institute of Ireland and a Top 25 Ireland’s Most Powerful Women in the Public Sector Leaders Award. She was named Alumna of the Year for Business and Commerce by the National University of Ireland, Galway in 2017 and Alumna of the Year by the University College Dublin Michael Smurfit Business School in 2019.

McCarthy holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the National University of Ireland, Galway and a master’s degree in business studies with a focus on marketing from the University College Dublin Michael Smurfit Business School. She is an affiliate of IMD Business School in Switzerland. McCarthy lives in Dublin with her husband, Didier, and three children.


Andrew Oddy

Herds Director, Al Safi Danone, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Andrew Oddy is the herds director for the farming operations of Al Safi Danone, a leading dairy brand that has become a household name in Saudi Arabia.

Oddy has spent the last 13 years of his career at Al Safi Danone, following earlier stints with the company in the 80s and the 90s. He has also previously worked on and managed some of the world’s largest dairy farms in the Middle East and Africa, including NADA. Oddy has co-authored published papers on heat stress, cow comfort and milking in collaboration with Kansas State University and Arizona State University in the U.S. He often lends his expertise on dairy farming as a guest speaker for groups around the world.

Oddy holds a degree in dairy herd management.


Kevin Ogorzalek

Sustainability Supply Chain Leader, Concord Agriculture Partners

Kevin Ogorzalek is a partner and the sustainability supply chain leader at Concord Agriculture Partners, which works to build bridges between farmers and brands with the mission of achieving shared sustainability goals.

Over the course of his career, Ogorzalek has gained extensive experience in the areas of sustainable production, land use and carbon across global agri-commodities and in multiple sectors. He has served in a variety of leadership roles for multi-stakeholder groups, including as chair of Bonsucro and vice chair of the Bonsucro Member’s Council, as well as with the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy and WWF-US. He also spearheaded the inception of SAI Platform’s Regenerative Agriculture Framework.

Through his work, Ogorzalek has gained expertise in strategizing within the sustainability field. During his time at Barry Callebaut, a cocoa processor and chocolate manufacturer, he led the transformation of sustainability from a cost center to a profit center while also championing the sustainable sourcing of ingredients in the Americas. This work included the creation of the first at-scale enteric emissions carbon-asset project, the implementation of an award-winning sustainable supply-chain finance program, the development of the first all-sustainable B2B chocolate brand, and the establishment of numerous impact projects across ingredients.

Ogorzalek holds a bachelor’s degree from Duke University and a master’s degree in environmental science from Yale University. He lives with his family in Chicago and enjoys cycling, attending Chicago Cubs baseball games and traveling with his family.


Dr. Fernando Rutz

Technical and Research Manager, Alltech Brazil

Dr. Fernando Rutz is the technical and research manager for Alltech in Latin America. In addition to that role, he also teaches physiology and monogastric nutrition at the Federal University of Pelotas in Brazil.

Rutz has authored several published book chapters, papers for congress and seminar proceedings, and newspaper articles. He is often asked to speak at national and international symposiums. Currently, his research is mainly focused on studying organic minerals, enzymes and polyunsaturated fatty acids in poultry nutrition and reproduction.

Rutz holds a master’s degree in animal nutrition and a doctoral degree in veterinary medicine from the Federal University of Pelotas and a doctoral degree in poultry nutrition from the University of Kentucky.


John Young Simpson

Managing Partner, Bluegrass Partners

John Young Simpson is a founder and managing partner of Bluegrass Partners, a specialist agri-business investment and advisory company.

Simpson has spent more than 20 years operating and investing in emerging and frontier markets. Over 15 of those years have been focused on investing in the agri-business and food sectors, including the origination, execution and management of agri-business investments across the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa. Simpson has also worked extensively in multi-stakeholder forums on behalf of the financial investment sector.

Prior to founding Bluegrass Partners, Simpson served as the director of a Deutsche Asset Management joint venture (JV), where he led investments in the African and Southeast Asian agri-business sectors. He also previously worked within the Private Sector Mechanism of the United Nations’ Committee for World Food Security following the 2008 global food crisis. As governance around cross-border investments in agriculture came into focus during that time, Simpson worked to frame guidelines around best-practice investments in land and food systems. He also played a role in developing the Responsible Agriculture Investment guidelines for the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and his investment team was the first to implement those guidelines in private equity deals.

Simpson currently serves as the chairman of the GP Cotton Group of Companies and has previously served on the boards of several private and public companies. He is also a member of the Young Presidents Organization. Simpson is a frequent speaker at industry and multilateral conferences around the globe and has authored articles for the International Food & Agribusiness Management Review.

Simpson holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and politics from University College London and a master’s degree in population and economic development from the London School of Economics. He is also a graduate of the Harvard Business School General Management Program.

Reg Smith Headshot ONE 2023

Reg Smith

Independent Consultant, U.K.

Reg Smith is an independent consultant who works closely with the Alltech U.K. team and their customers. He is also a non-executive director for a large Saudi Arabian egg company and offers consulting services to companies, governmental bodies and academic institutions about every aspect of poultry production.

Smith’s interest and work in the poultry field started on his family farm in Dorset, England. While he has spent most of his career focused on poultry meat and egg production, he has gained experience in all of the major areas of the poultry industry, including with breeders, hatcheries, farms and mills, and with all of the major species, such as commercial layers, broilers, turkeys, ducks and ostrich.

Smith’s work has taken him from the U.K. to Zimbabwe and Nova Scotia, Canada, and has included a variety of roles, from the farm to the executive boardroom. He previously served as the group agricultural director for Noble Foods, the largest commercial egg company in the U.K. As part of the Technical Advisory Committee for the U.K. Red Tractor Poultry Standards, he helped develop industry standards for commercial broiler, turkey and duck production. He has also previously served on various committees for the British Poultry Council, most notably chairing its Antibiotic Stewardship Committee for six years — during which time, the industry reduced its antibiotic use by 80%.

Throughout his career, Smith has remained particularly interested in helping ensure that poultry farming is efficient, fit for purpose and focused on welfare. He fundamentally believes that agricultural processes must result in healthy, thriving livestock; that farming practices must be cost-effective; and that farmers should work to educate others about poultry production. To achieve these goals, he posits that the industry must regularly challenge the traditional practices and be open to alternative ways of working.

Smith holds a diploma in poultry husbandry. In his free time, he is a runner, cricketer and clay shooter, and he is currently training to be a Mountain Leader. He and his wife, Gabrielle, enjoy exploring the British countryside with their two dogs.


Robbie Walker

European Growth Officer, Alltech

Robbie Walker is the European growth officer at Alltech. He also oversees key European markets for Alltech and serves as the CEO of KEENAN, which is part of the Alltech family of companies.

Walker began his career by founding his own indoor farming enterprise in South Africa, through which he grew and packed flowers and tomatoes. He joined Alltech in 2002 as a sales manager in Ireland and later opened a regional sales office in Northern Ireland. In 2005, he became the Italian country manager for Alltech before transitioning to the role of regional director of the eastern Mediterranean region. In 2011, Walker was appointed to the role of European director of Alltech Crop Science, and in 2013, he transferred to the U.S. to assume the position of global general manager of Alltech Crop Science.

Along with his other responsibilities at Alltech, Walker drives business growth through his work with ag-tech startups as the manager of the Pearse Lyons Cultivator and by supporting the development of senior leadership talent through the Alltech Mini-MBA program.

Walker holds a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from the University of Natal in South Africa. He has also completed business courses at the University College Dublin Michael Smurfit Business School and the Bocconi School of Management in Milan.


Dr. Patrick Ward

Applications Manager, Europe and Asia-Pacific, Alltech

Dr. Patrick Ward is the applications manager for Europe and Asia-Pacific at Alltech. In this role, he focuses on new products and innovation across the European and Asian markets, combining research with commercial opportunities. His current research interests include analytical chemistry, mass spectrometry, anti-methanogens, enzymes, anaerobic digestion and BMP analysis.

After serving for nearly a decade in Alltech’s research department, in 2018, Dr. Ward was appointed to the role of technical manager of Alltech’s Analytical Services Laboratories (37+), a commercial lab that quantifies mycotoxins in feed samples across the globe, supporting all sectors of the animal feed supply chain. Dr. Ward moved into his current role in 2020, and in the years since, he has established two BMP labs, which quantify methane output from specific substrates. He is currently working to set up two new labs in India and Thailand that will improve Alltech’s ability to support its customers in those countries. He has also led Alltech’s efforts to formulate three new enzyme products for use in anaerobic digesters.

Dr. Ward played a key role in Alltech’s acquisition of Agolin in May 2023. Agolin, a blend of essential oils derived from a proprietary process, provides a nutritional platform for improving milk production and feed efficiency in beef and dairy cattle while also supporting producers’ sustainability goals.

Ward holds a degree in chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry from Maynooth University. He subsequently received an employment-based doctoral chemistry scholarship from the Irish Research Council, which allowed him to complete research investigating small-molecule seleno-compounds at Alltech’s European Bioscience Centre and at Dublin City University. Ward received an advanced diploma in project management at Dublin Business School and completed an Alltech-sponsored MBA program at the Michael Smurfit Business School at University College Dublin. He has also earned a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and completed the IBBK proBiogas training course.